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Hotel Nova Riviera

Dear guests,

New Riviera Hotel is located just 60 metres from the city center and its first resort hotel, built in 1961.  It is believed that more than half a million tourists have stayed at this hotel in the last fifty years.

Ivo Andrich,  Pavle Vuijsic, Bata Zivoinovic, Petre Prlicko, Lazar Licenoski etc. are amongst the  great number of famous artists, writers, musicians and politicians from home and abroad have stayed here and enjoyed the music, food and drinks.

Now, the hotel has a new look, new owners, a new name “New Riviera” but it has kept its old traditions, customs and habits.

The city bohemians are still here, drinking morning coffee, having breakfast and enjoying traditional stew (a speciality of our restaurant).

Your soul will be fulfilled by the beautiful old city music performed by local Ohrid musicians and bands.  Come and stay with us at the New Riviera hotel and enjoy the gorgeous nature, crystal clear lake and relaxed atmosphere of Ohrid.


The restaurant has maximum capacity of 240 guests but it can also be divided in different ways to suit the needs of our guests and events.

Our highly talented chefs will satisfy your food requests with beautifully arranged plates.  You will find local traditional food as well as international meals and specialities on our hotel menu.

One of the most rare specialities is the Ohrid cake which is served with a scoop of ice cream and a cup of coffee.

Our beautifully arranged summer terrace overlooking the lake and riviera is truly fascinating.  During the summer this is often packed full but there is always room for our hotel guests. Our terrace with its own bar can accommodate up to 200 guests. We offer a choice of premium high quality domestic wines.


There are 39 rooms at the Hotel New Riviera including 6 apartments with a view of the Ohrid Lake. There are double beds in 9 rooms, 5 rooms with 3 single beds, and 19 twin bed rooms.  All rooms are equipped with air conditionin, a mini-bar, LCD TV with 60 cable channels, WiFi internet (included?), a direct-dial telephone ane bathroom with shower and toilet. Each room has it’s own balcony.



The nights in Ohrid are magical. Here you can see so many stars like nowwhere else in the world. You can enjoy a long walk along the 4 kilometer Ohrid Riviera.  A particularly special experience is a 1 hour ride in a small boat with Captain Mitko who will tell you countless stories and legends about the lake and city.

You can walk, jog or cycle to St. Stephan to visit many churches (St. Sofia, St. Kaneo, Perivlepta, Plaoshnik) and the Fortress of Samoil in the old part of the city.

There are several city beaches nearby with deckchairs and parasols. The courteous staff will keep you refreshed with drinks and cocktails available any time.

You will easily find a suitable souvenirs and gifts for loved ones at the Old Bazaar.  You will of course also take with you unforgettable memories of Ohrid and your stay at the oldest hotel in the city.

You can also find the traditional Ohrid Pearl in the Old Bazaar.

Posted by Dospel & GanjaParker